Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yes! You too can earn thousands of dollars a year repairing sewing machines at home!

And if you believe that, I have some Florida swamp land to sell you.
This picture came from a machine that was SERVICED the week before I saw it for over $200!
I have been repairing sewing machines professionally for almost 34 years now. I do it because I like it and I like helping people. When my Dad and I had 8 stores on the West coast of Michigan and the economy was booming, I never made the kind of money an assembly line worker could make WITHOUT a high school or college education. The repair business has never been a road to riches. I know people who have done much better than I have but they usually repair and run. Most of the time repair shops are cranking out machines fast and dirty. I mean really dirty. If you want to make money, then remember "time is money" and you will have a bad reputation in no time at all. I have seen machines where people have spent up to $200 and as soon as I look in it the lint and debris falls out. Then here I am trying to get more money from someone who has just been ripped off. I hate doing that so I always give a low discounted price and just try to help because THAT is what I like to do.

If you go to a service center you should be greeted by the technician and that person should take off the top and bottom covers right in front of you. Then quote you on a price for the service. Also, service rates should be clearly posted before you begin the process of leaving your machine. If you have someone come to you for your service you should be told before they arrive what the rates are for a service call. OPEN YOUR EYES. Look at your own machine yourself and make a mental note of how dirty it is before you leave it for service. When you pick up your machine you should be able to see that the machine has been well cleaned. Most problems can be cured by just CLEANING lint and debris out of the bobbin area. If you want to learn to repair machines anyway there are many books and web sites dedicated to selling you the information you need and can usually find for free if you try. Start at the Singer Sewing Company web site and download the FREE parts and service manuals that they have posted. Most other machines are just copies of SINGER machines so you are in the ballpark for 90% of the machines out there for FREE. Then try other places like a LIBRARY and look up the information you need for FREE. Also, remember if you take MONEY for what you do you probably need a business license and need to pay TAXES. OOOOOPS! There goes all your profit! Oh well, you just wanted to do this for fun anyway. Just join the club.
Finally, remember there are a lot of repair technicians out on the web that can offer you help for servicing your own machine. I say start there first.
Bob Gregor

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